Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Taken from a message in my inbox ..

Someone said :

I will revealed my feel in one story, check it out :

one night, when I'm in Gua Maria Ambarawa, I pray to God.... I thanks to God. one of my thanks is

'God.. thanks for your giving to me, especially for one girl that you send to me, to become my friend, my best friend exactly ...
I really happy about it, because through her, I can learn about many things, I can share my experience, I can have a joke with her, I can spend a lot of time with her, I can spend a lot of time with her and I've enjoy it and I'm so happy because I can walk it ..
There are many hopes that I want .... '

one of my hope is :
' God... I hope, my gatherness with her, can be eternal, so I still be able to know her, until the day I die .. I want to see her cheer, I want to see her becoming a success person, I want to see she gainings her dreams...'

The important point is she can always fell happy to walk in her life, knowing that, i also feel so happy too ...

thanks ...

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